It’s not the only big purchase he and other Trump administration figures have made

Remember when Trump said he was going to “drain the swamp” and put an end to corruption and frivolous spending in Washington? Well, it turns out that it costs a lot of money and requires a lot of very fancy equipment to do all that draining. Including, apparently, extremely expensive pants.

On Wednesday the Intercept reported that Scott Pruitt has now spent more more than $4.6m in taxpayer money on security, according to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. This includes $2,749.62 on “tactical pants” and “tactical polos” for the EPA administrator. The pants costs a remarkable $1599.68 for eight pairs, which makes one wonder if Pruitt has heard of a handy tool called google dot com. When I did a search for tactical pants online you could find them at a far more reasonable price.

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