One Nation gives Coalition the numbers it needs to pass income tax plan in its entirety. All the day’s events, live

Rex Patrick was on Radio National this morning explaining why Centre Alliance was going to let the whole income tax package go through, despite having voted to split it yesterday:

Yes, we are. We’ve gone on record and said that. We’re interested in making sure that low- to middle-income earners reap the benefits of our much stronger economic position. The dilemma for us is that if we were to knock out all of the tax package, then no one gets any benefit.

“The downside, if we do vote for all three, is that of course the high-income earners get a tax break, but we’ve got to remember that that doesn’t occur until 2024, and indeed the Labor party have said they are going to repeal that if they were to gain power.


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Amanda Stoker, who replaced George Brandis, delivered her first speech just before the Senate closed over night.

Here is some of what she had to say:

We need to be prepared to take the difficult case for increased productivity to the community, which offsets the appeal of raising minimum wages and penalty rates, because they both reduce job opportunities for those most in need. I understand that telling lower paid workers they will take home more money today is popular; it’s easy.

“But we need to be honest enough to say frankly that each time we do, we deny a job to another person desperately in need of one. The unions rail against casualisation or layoffs, but it is the direct product of the policies for which they advocate.

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