PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC; Dontnod Entertainment
Pitting you as a doctor turned bloodsucker protecting London from other vampires, this action role-player only fitfully explores its moral setup

Vampyr concerns itself with the line that separates humanity from monstrosity – but finds that line difficult to trace. Playing as Doctor Jonathan Reid – a blood specialist turned into a vampire (oh, the irony!) – you prowl London during the 1918 outbreak of Spanish influenza in search of the creature that sired you. Through this setup, Vampyr aims to explore the conflict between Reid’s desire to save lives and his newly acquired bloodlust – a little like the TV show Dexter, only with sharper teeth and bowler hats.

Split into four districts, the smoggy sprawl of London is home to a multitude of characters, each trying to survive amid the pandemic. But even more sinister forces threaten the city (if you guessed “vampires”, then a big toothy kiss for you) and the best chance Reid has of defeating them is to fully realise his vampiric potential by feasting upon those he has sworn an oath to aid.

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