'Winning an election isn't about facts': Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore face MPs' questions – live

Key players from the Leave.EU campaign answer questions about Brexit and Russia. Follow the latest developments

Jo Stevens asks more questions about data sharing between insurance businesses and Leave.EU, which Banks “categorically denies. By the way, no-one’s produced one shred of evidence that this happened. If we go to that very question, there was a big article by Carole Cadwalladr–”

Wigmore notes that the Observer journalist is in the audience, and both men turn to say hi.


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Lucas: “Did you believe what you were saying?”

Banks: “Of course! You go back to Trump, to Brexit, the problem is we had open-door mass migration. My belief is we should have had moderated normal immigration, of 60,000, 70,000 a year. But no parties cared: Labour didn’t care because it meant more voters for them, and the Tories didn’t care because it meant cheap labour.

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