5 Twitter Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Followers

Twitter is undergoing renovation in a good way recently. To combat the proliferation of fake accounts, Twitter has been deleting millions of unscrupulous accounts. As a result, you need to implement the latest Twitter tips and tricks to help grow your following.

For the longest time, the social media platform is filled with bots that merely retweeted messages, followed people, and broadcasted tweets without making any genuine interaction with users. Brands used bots to gamify Twitter’s very lenient system at that time and spread their message faster. While efficient and effective to an extent, these accounts don’t add any value to the platform as a way to build relationships.

Thankfully, Twitter caught on with the bots in the hopes of bringing the social element back to its platform. The efforts taken should put encourage people to use Twitter more for engaging with like-minded people and their audience.

For businesses, you need to find Twitter tips and tricks that take into consideration the latest changes in the system. There are tactics and strategies that stand the test of time in terms of helping your Twitter account grow. Also, there are potentially new techniques that you can implement on Twitter given the changes taking place.

In this post, you will learn the best possible Twitter tips and tricks that will help increase your followers and build relationships with your audience in the hopes of growing your business.


Five Twitter Tips And Tricks That Stand The Test Of Time


1. Spruce Up Your Profile

Personalizing your profile by using a hi-res photo of yourself as your profile pic and sharing information about yourself on your bio is a great way to start.  Help people associate an image on your profile, and your actual picture should work well enough. Your bio should describe what you do professionally but don’t be afraid to add your personal touch to make your profile stand out.

You also have the opportunity to upload a cover photo that appears on top of your profile just behind your profile pic. Make it compelling and feature a call to action to help users act upon your offer, among other ways you can create a killer Twitter cover photo.


2. Plan What To Tweet

It’s not enough to keep tweeting about your blog posts or site pages. If you mindlessly keep sharing your content, you risk alienating your audience from keeping up with your updates. It may come to a point that they will unfollow your account!

To prevent this from happening, you need to know what your audience wants to read from your Twitter feed. Doing research and identifying your buyer persona helps you identify what to share on Twitter. However, you still need to develop and test the editorial calendar of your tweets. It’s best to plan the messages ahead of time so you can make the necessary changes later on if something’s not working.

When planning your tweets, there are lots of tools you can use. The free versions of Hootsuite and Buffer are good enough to start you off with but there are other platforms that will help you manage all your social media efforts much better.

Below are the types of tweets you should consider including in your Twitter publishing calendar aside from the usual blog post update:

  • Questions – Ask your Twitter followers questions that they want to answer and participant in. You can use this opportunity to ask questions that will help you improve your engagement with them.
  • Memes – It depends on the type of audience you have, but memes are effective ways to give your followers a hearty chuckle, especially if the humor is related to your brand.
  • Images/videos – Diversify your tweet by publishing content other than text. If you have limited content creation skills, use Canva to help you create images using its vast selection of templates and Lumen5 if you want to repurpose your blog post into a video.
  • Retweets – Find influencers whom you want to content to and find their best, latest, and most relevant tweets so far that you can share with your followers.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you tweet the messages at the best times possible. Most premium social media management tools show the times in a day when your followers are most engaged. However, you can only see this if your Twitter account isn’t brand new and have a substantial amount of followers for a while now. If your account is fairly recent, you can still take a cue from this CoSchedule post to help you find the best times to publish your tweets. Just make sure of the time zones of your audience to ensure that they see your tweets at their time.


3. Use The Best Hashtags

If you want to increase the reach of your tweets, use the most searched hashtags for each. Refer to this post at Sprout Social for a list of tools that you can use to find the best Twitter hashtags. Just make sure that you exercise restraint when it comes to including hashtags in your tweets. Using three hashtag maximum should be enough.


4. Run Giveaways

If you sell products or services, find a way that you can offer them for free to a raffle winner. Use a tool like Rafflecopter or KingSumo Giveaway for WordPress to help you create a widget and landing page where people can enter and win your prize. Whenever they submit multiple entries, you can set up either tool to encourage participants to tweet your giveaway or follow you on Twitter.

Launching a giveaway is a great way to help extend your audience reach aside from just growing your Twitter followers. It also puts a spotlight on your business and what you’re offering which will drive more interest from your target audience. Assuming that you offer the right product or service as your prize, you not only increase your email list but also boost your Twitter followers at the same time. Either way, it’s good for business!


5. Find Other Ways To Build Followers

You can’t engage with your followers if you don’t have any. While some of the tips mentioned above will help you slowly but surely build your Twitter followers, you may need a faster and more efficient way to grow your audience on this platforms.

Below are quick ways that you can boost your Twitter followers before you properly plan your engagement strategy:

    • Befriend influencers – You need to find a way to get influencers in your niche to take notice of you. Aside from retweeting their messages, you can ask them questions about their tweets, tag them to tweets that they might find useful, and other tactics that will get their attention. As long as you give them value consistently, there’s a good chance that they will recognize you long enough. From here, you can take this chance to get help promoting your Twitter profile and content.
    • Hijack conversations efficiently– It’s hard to find conversations about your keywords and hashtags using Twitter’s native search. You will have manually search them every time you log in and engage from there. However, using a tool like Awario or Mention, you can automatically receive updates from your email if there are latest tweets or Twitter threads about your topics from interest. Just enter the keywords and hashtags in the tool of your choice so you can stay on top of things.
    • Buy followers – While a controversial take on growing your Twitter followers, it could help tip the scales to your favor if you do it judiciously. Getting a portion of followers using this method can help complement your strategy of acquiring followers. As long as you don’t overdo it, you should be okay. Here’s a list of sites where you can buy Twitter followers.


Follow These Twitter Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Followers!

Twitter is on the verge of being the trustworthy social media platform that it was once when it started out. Once it cleans up the bots and users focus on building relationships with people, then the sky’s the limit for Twitter. In the meantime, you can start growing your followers first and reap the benefits from having lots of people to engage with later on.

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