When to see the red moon and tips on the best way to view it, as we track the eclipse from Australia, India, the Middle East, east Africa and Europe

Unlike the sun during a solar eclipse, it is safe to look at the moon during an eclipse. You don’t need special filters or protective glasses because the moon will never be bright enough to damage your eyes.

“The best place to see it is out in the country away from lights,” says Chris Tinney, professor in the physics department at the University of New South Wales. “If you’re living in [a city] then there’s a lot of light pollution from the night sky, so the contrast between the moon and the sky won’t be as great.”


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Not able to see the blood moon from where you are? Check out Nasa’s livestream (which has just started) for a perfect view.

At 1:14 p.m. EDT, a #LunarEclipse started to become visible to much of Earth’s population except North & Central America. Bad weather or not located in the right place to see it? No worries! Watch our live stream online starting at 2:15pm. Details: https://t.co/l8KKluvBso pic.twitter.com/giftUiPbsv

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