Readers respond to the arrival of President Donald Trump in Britain

I don’t always agree with Owen Jones but I applaud his forensic piece on Trumpism and the rise of the far right down to the last comma (Protest against what Trump represents, not who he is, 12 July). But the fightback he urges is unlikely to succeed unless we face squarely up to the reasons for this growing horror. Though these are various and complex, the central and inescapable one is that hundreds of millions of Europeans, however wrongly, feel their identities and livelihoods threatened by large-scale immigration, especially by peoples from cultures with which they feel little empathy.

What might seem to the average Guardian reader as not just socially and economically beneficial but morally right, simply does not feel that way to those who believe their justifiable concerns have been ignored by those who govern them. If we really believe in democracy, we should acknowledge that this refusal to listen was a catastrophic error, of which Trump and Brexit are only two of the very nasty chickens now coming home to roost.
Alan Clark

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