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The six-pack is a shy, elusive thing that, although doesn’t serve any functional purpose, is used by some keep-fitters as a measure of personal progress – rather in the way that standing on those bathroom scales is. On the naked, athletic body, a six-pack can look as sharp as a Tom Ford suit or a Vivienne Westwood gown. But, when you think about it, there aren’t many people who make a daily appearance in their best outfit. Our best is usually reserved for special occasions, and our masterpiece is only displayed in peak condition.

A washboard tummy requires a delicate balance of nutrition and exercise technique, so anyone who maintains a glowing six-pack must admit to keeping a vigilant regime. They don’t train hard only to eat carelessly. (A baggy top will conceal a guilty meal. I should know. I have several!) So the short answer is: you already have one. Stop covering it with fatty food choices, and you’ll see it.

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