Alternative things to do if you’re not a fan of hotdogs, fireworks or immigration policy

Every Fourth of July, Americans gather in yards and on rooftops, congregating around grills full of meat and coolers full of beer, wearing tank tops and sunglasses while potentially burning themselves with fireworks. They do these things to celebrate America. Yet according to data from the Pew Research Center, only a third of millennials consider America the greatest country in the world – a significant dropoff from gen-Xers (48%) and baby boomers (50%).

This year in particular if feels as though there’s not that much to celebrate. Our trollish president has spent his first two long-feeling years in office alienating our allies and was just caught trying to goad Nato countries into paying him protection money like some kind of mob boss. On top of it all, Koko the gorilla, our greatest national treasure, is now dead. It’s enough to make you reassess the totality of our nation’s history and only think about the bad parts – of which there are many – and reach the perfectly reasonable conclusion that our country is not worth celebrating at all and never has been.

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