The classic French Girl archetype has been remixed for the Instagram era – with lace, wicker baskets and cornflowers rather than smoky eyes and smouldering Gauloises

For most viewers of the World Cup final, Brigitte Macron was not the star – she was a footnote to the footy. But, for a small, fashion-conscious minority she stole the show. Brigitte, in skinny black trousers, oversized blouse, with artfully déshabillé hair, eyeliner and even more artfully bored smoulder, she was a classic French Girl.

Over the last 10 years, the French Girl has become fashion’s muse. There are books written dedicated to her style, more than 4m posts tagged #frenchgirl on Instagram and endless articles on how to get various components of the look – from the hair to the under-eye circles to the jeans.

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