Designing and developing a website is a tough job if you are beginning from zero. However, you can always use Wix, a cloud-based website builder to build your site with ease. To create a website using a CMS or website builder is quite easy today if you know some necessary computer skills.

But you need to pick the right website builder that offers SEO-friendly features, and then only you can develop your brand online. It is crucial for a business to set up a quality website and focus highly on SEO & branding to survive in the online world.

While SEO helps the site to rank for relevant search queries in search engines, branding develops a positive identity for your business online. No matter whether you are a start-up, small or medium size business, you can create a memorable business brand on the web. Let’s see how!


Build Your Brand With Wix SEO

Today, Wix is the best cloud-based website builder program that has the best SEO qualities for your website. Realizing the importance of SEO and branding, the free website builder offers half-a-dozen SEO tools to make it simple for you to optimize your business website.

Search Engine Optimization becomes easy when you have the right tools at your service. Here are some excellent Wix SEO and branding tips which can help you boost the online visibility of your website.


#1. Custom URLs

Wix understands the importance of custom URLs for branding. Having a branded URL shows professionalism and offers an identity to your business on the internet. While you can always set up your website on Wix URL, we recommend you to opt for your custom domain.

In Wix, you can set up your new sites with just a few clicks on your custom branded domain. Also, we realize the importance of a parameter-free page links for SEO. Hence, you cannot only set up your custom branded domain but also custom URLs for inner pages to boost your rankings in search engines.


#2. Logo Maker

Do you know that the branding can support the SEO? Yes! Like people, search engines can also identify brands, and hence they can enjoy a higher trust level. Wix has an ideal tool for your branding needs and promoting your online visibility. It is nothing but a dynamic logo maker.

A logo represents the company as it is a summary in the visual form. The Wix logo maker lets you make a professional logo for your business brand. Since the logo creating tool is 100% customizable, you can get the perfect one that you’ll love.

Just you need to enter your business name and tagline (if you want) and customize the font, color, size, design, text and much more that fits your brand. You can print your logo anywhere and the high-quality SVG vector files as well.


#3. Page Meta Tags

Page Meta Tags are significant as the Title tag is the first thing that defines what the page is all about. Also, Meta Description is displayed along with the SEO title on the Google search page every time your website URL shows up.

SEO Title and Meta Description are essential factors the Google uses for ranking and also lets Google understand the page better. The Wix editor enables you to create a separate SEO title and a Meta Description for each page including the homepage.

Remember to stay within the 60 characters limit for the SEO title as everything else is scrapped or ignored by search engines. Google has recently raised the threshold of Meta Description, and now you can write a lengthier description to explain your page within 300 characters.

However, there’s no need to write a lengthy description unless you need. Just describe the page within 50-300 characters so the user can quickly understand what the page is all about. Remember, the SEO Title and Meta Description are the first things that users notice when they find your site on search engines. Just write a Title and Description that can improve the click-through rate of the page on the search engines.


#4. Heading Tags and Alt Tags

Content is king in SEO, and you need to present your content well for both the users and search engines. To make your presentable, you can always use easy-to-read fonts and images within the page’s content. Headings and sub-headings are essential for both the users and search engines to determine the quality of the content.

The users can read your content better if you add images and proper headings in the content. To make the headings and pictures SEO-friendly, Wix lets you use H1 tags for titles and alt tags for images. With this setup, you can not only program your pages to rank but also optimize your images to rank in Google image search.


#5. Text Hyperlinks

Backlinks from different domains as well as your domain are excellent ways to improve rankings. By using hyperlinks to relevant pages, you are opening the gates to more vital information for the user. Such user-friendliness also helps in improving the ranking for pages with most backlinks internally as well.

Like most CMS, Wix also allows you to create text hyperlinks within your content so that you can link back to some useful pages, resources, and information on your website. You can also optimize the keywords using them as anchor texts for linking to further improve the chances of your page ranking for such keywords. You can also add proper navigation by using text hyperlinks and take your website one more step closer to SEO-friendliness.


#6. Mobile Optimization

Most of the internet content is now accessed on a smaller device such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Wix offers a site architecture that blends in well on any device. Such adaptability provides an edge to your website in Google mobile search.

Remember, Google values user experience much higher when it comes to ranking. Hence, a mobile-optimized page is more likely to rank better than a page not optimized for mobile when the user searches from a mobile device.


Wrapping it up

Besides the essential SEO tools for the pages, content, and images; Wix also provides a free step-by-step guide for its users through the SEO Wizard tool. You also get a support team ready to cater all the answers to your questions related to SEO or branding.

In short, if you seek a simple, ready-to-use free website builder tool with all the necessary SEO and branding features to tweak your brand name, then Wix is the ideal option for you. No need to self-host your domain anymore. You can get all the features that you need to brand and promote your website online on a cloud-based free website builder tool.

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