For every extraordinary feat, there’s something else bizarre or shameful, most recently calling a Thailand cave rescuer a ‘pedo’

When I was at school, one of the go-to playground insults, I am afraid, was “paedo”. Mostly the teachers were paedos, but the socially awkward kid in sixth form and the janitor who scuppered your escape at lunchtime were also targets. Of course, I realise now that even jokingly accusing someone of sexually abusing children isn’t witty or clever. You grow out of these baseless, ridiculous epithets, don’t you?

Not Elon Musk, aged 47. The tech CEO has called the British diver Vern Unsworth – one of the first divers on the scene who helped rescue the Thai football team trapped in a cave – a “pedo” on Twitter (he has 22 million followers). This was simply because Unsworth pointed out that Musk’s offer of a submarine wasn’t helpful to the rescue efforts.

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