Four-year search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was called off earlier this year

Today’s report has waved away concerns around the in-flight home simulator of MH370’s pilot, Captan Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Zaharie’s home flight simulator was seized in 2014, and investigators discovered it had seven custom coordinates which plotted a course from Malaysia to the Indian Ocean, where MH370 is believed to have crashed.

But the report today says this not proof that the crash was deliberate.

The Malaysian authorities could not confirm whether the seven waypoints were all from the same file, or from multiple files. Police also did not find any data that showed the aircraft was “performing climb, attitude or heading manoeuvres”.


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Kok Soo Chon is talking about the cargo of the plane, which included 2,500 kg of mango, put in plastic baskets.

Kok also addressed the large number of lithium batteries onboard MH370, which some people have suggested is suspicious. Kok is saying that lithium batteries are a common form of cargo and added: “We have not found any irregularities in the packing process.”

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