Julian King on reintegrating those returning to Europe from the war in Iraq and Syria. Plus Maureen Panton is not surprised the UK is no longer concerned to protect the death penalty assuranceThe problem of those returning to Europe from the war in Iraq and Syria is a significant one (Experts warn of threat posed by female jihadis, 24 July). Some 6,000 men and women left the EU to travel to the conflict zone – and about 1,500 children with one or more parent eligible for an EU passport have been taken there or were born there.

Some of those who travelled to support Da’esh died in the fighting as the so-called caliphate fell; some moved elsewhere; some went to ground; some had already returned, disenchanted with the reality they had found. Some may still seek to return to Europe. Returning ex-combatants should face justice. There is also a challenge of how to deal with non-combatants, women and children, many of whom should be treated as victims – but who also potentially pose a danger to the society to which they are returning.

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