Perhaps MPs should consider not breaking up for the summer recess, writes Judi Martin. Plus a letter from Estella Baker

With all the turmoil the government is in (Report, 11 May), this year parliament should seriously consider not breaking up for the summer recess on 24 July. MPs don’t return until 4 September – what could occur in that six-week period? What adverse effect will this delay have on addressing the whole Brexit issue? I shudder to think.
Judi Martin
Maryculter, Aberdeenshire

• The European commission does not “make our laws” (Letters, 9 July). The commission has the right to initiate proposals, but EU legislation is adopted by the council of ministers and the European parliament. As the council of ministers is made up of representatives of the governments of the member states, both of the latter institutions have direct democratic input from the union’s electorate including, pending Brexit, that of the UK.
Estella Baker

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