After 6 years exactly, Dean Burnett’s Brain Flapping blog is coming to an end. It’s been emotional

On the 31 July, 2012, the very first Brain Flapping post appeared on the Guardian website. Exactly six years to the day later, here’s the very last one.

To confirm, the Guardian is shutting down the science blog network, which includes Brain Flapping. Nothing personal, just more fallout from the ever-challenging modern media environment. And let’s be honest, what began with the Guardian boldly introducing a regular blog that took a more light-hearted, amusing/surreal look at science has, over six years, resulted in over 15 million hits, abandoning of the day job, two book deals, countless TV and radio appearances, and major Hollywood endorsements. Ergo, it would be a bit rich for me to claim to be hard done by.

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