The forthcoming Nato summit and visit of President Trump highlight the UK’s misguided security policy, warns Celia McKeon, while Rae Street voices solidarity with US citizens fighting the Trump administration. Mark Leopold draws parallels with a visit by Idi Amin, and Chris Osman argues that the best way to protest about Trump’s trip, is not to protest at all

The UK government’s approach to both this week’s Nato summit (Report, 7 July), and the visit of President Trump, is symptomatic of its counterproductive stance on national and international security.

Recent efforts by the Ministry of Defence to use the Nato summit to secure further budget increases are misguided. Instead of increasing our safety, heavy spending on aggressive military capabilities and power projection is exacerbating global tensions. By the same token, turning a blind eye to Trump’s abusive and degrading rhetoric and actions in the hope of shoring up a superpower alliance deepens global insecurity.

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