Hi friends,

In 2.9, several users reported in the community forums that the SEO section disappeared from their source code or back-end. There was a similar issue when we fixed a bug in 2.6, described here. See if that fixes it for you, if not, read on.

Some are reporting that their issue is unrelated to the one from 2.6. If that’s the case with you, we need your help to fix this pesky issue. Five developers worked for hours and hours trying to reproduce this problem, without being able to. All in One SEO Pack is used on millions of websites across the planet, so unfortunately we simply can not reproduce every single environment, configuration, and mix of plugins and themes out there.

You can help us by contacting us here with the details of your issue and website so that we can investigate your site and determine the cause, and then quickly thereafter, a solution. As a special Thank You from us to anyone who reports a bug and our investigation of their site leads to a fix, you’ll receive a free license for All in One SEO Pack Pro!

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