End of an era: Angela Merkel's long goodbye

Angela Merkel steps down as the leader of the CDU party today after 18 years at the helm, although she plans to remain Germany’s chancellor until 2021. Her move comes after the migration crisis left her party languishing in the polls and amid a rising tide of populism in Europe. The Guardian’s Kate Connolly in Berlin takes a look at her legacy. Plus: Rania Ali on debunking stereotypes about refugees

Angela Merkel, 64, has led the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Germany for 18 years. Now, as she prepares to make way for her successor as chair of the party, she has repeated her intention to see out her term as chancellor.

The Guardian’s Kate Connolly in Berlin reflects on the end of an era in German politics. She highlights the refugee crisis of 2015 and the Greek debt crisis of 2009 as critical moments in what will become Angela Merkel’s legacy.

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