Make no mistake: it requires a lot of time and creative energy to produce quality content for your brand consistently. For busy entrepreneurs and company owners, it’s nearly impossible to do this given a chronic shortage of time.

You should be able to take some steps to push your content strategy forward, however, in spite of such constraints.


Five Content Tips for the Time-Strapped Entrepreneur

Writing fresh, quality content that resonates with your audience and drives visibility and engagement with your brand is admittedly time-consuming. You probably can’t add any hours to your day, but you can be more strategic about how you use and supplement your time.

Here are five crucial suggestions.


1. Create a Plan

It’s not necessarily the actual writing that consumes so much time. More often, the process of generating ideas, outlining, finding sources, editing, revising, publishing, and sharing is what drains your schedule.

Happily, many of these steps can be streamlined through strategic planning. Take content ideation for example.

Instead of spending a large chunk of time sitting down and brainstorming ideas, you could put systems in place that will allow you to gather topic ideas quickly, as they come to you. (A tool like Evernote makes it easy to organize sudden, bright ideas across multiple devices.)

In terms of outlining, devise a formula that empowers you to plug in information swiftly so you’re already prepared to write when the proper time comes. As the saying goes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. It’s a cliché, but you’ll find it holds true with regard to content writing.


2. Outsource

Who ways you have to develop all your content in-house? In the first place, this is far too time-consuming. Second, it’s may not be your core skillset.

When you fall into the habit of creating all your content personally, you may be doing your brand a disservice. Fortunately, you can outsource content and still publish it under your name.

Content marketing agencies like AudienceBloom will produce, edit, and publish content for your brand so you can focus your valuable time and energy on other key business tasks.


3. Build Guest Blogging Relationships

If you’ve not begun to tap into the powerful resource of guest blogging, you’re missing out on an opportunity to increase your reach in a cost-effective manner.

Guest blogging is a two-way street. In addition to writing content and publishing it on other sites, you can accept guest blog posts on your own site.

If you do this, you’ll gain access to free content. As long as you practice discernment about which content to publish, this approach can prove to be highly fruitful with minimal extra time and resource investment.


4. Carve Out Time (and Maximize It)

How many times have you assured yourself that you’ll write a blog post or create a piece of content by some point in the next day or week? We all do it, all the time, right?

Unfortunately, unless it gets cemented into the schedule, it rarely happens. The reason you don’t have time for content writing may be that you don’t make time for content writing.

Carve out a specific and restricted period of time to do your writing. It doesn’t have to be a massive block of time. In fact, shorter is better.

As Parkinsons Law states, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” If you allot an isolated and limited period of time to do the work, you’re more likely to be productive.


5. Empower Your Team

If you have a team of people — whether it consists of employees, contractors, or co-founders — you must utilize them. Granted, everyone has different writing skills and abilities, but it’s helpful and more efficient if you involve as many people as possible in your content writing activities.

You’ll gain new perspectives, fresh language, and additional time. Try requiring each team member to produce at least one piece of content a month. Even if you have a relatively small team of five people, this may generate as much as 60 pieces of unique content per year.


Don’t Skimp on Content

Whatever you do in the future, don’t ignore content. In order to build a highly visible and successful brand online, you need content: good material and plenty of it.

Content is fuel to the marketing engine and oughtn’t to be avoided or delayed. Discover ways to maximize your time and work around your scheduling limitations. Quality content is never easy, but it’s always productive.

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