Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is thinking about creating a revise button to fix typos – but in the face of screen grabs, this feels futile

“What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create?” asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2016. The top answer? An edit button. Kim Kardashian West (59.5 million followers), in particular, is obsessed with the idea of one and has reportedly petitioned Dorsey via email and face-to-face. Donald Trump would probably also appreciate the function, given his propensity to tweet things such as “covfefe”.

Now, Dorsey has spoken (in an interview with the US podcast host Joe Rogan) about how an edit button might work. If Twitter were to implement the feature, Dorsey says the platform would most likely allow a “5- to 30-second delay” for a tweet to send in order for the edit to be made, so as not to lose the “real-time nature” of tweeting.

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