Senate estimates continue, with three senior ministers in Labor’s spotlight. All the days events, live

The division is called – to see if Labor can suspend standing orders.

It does not look like the Nationals will be backing it.


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David Gillespie is not a fan of Labor’s plan for the dairy industry. Because he says most of it is already happening.

Joel Fitzgibbon told the ABC this, this morning:

There is no good just sitting back as a government expecting the market to work out these things for itself. It is clear that is not going to happen. We have waited too long for that. It is clear we are waiting with false hope. So we need to intervene, but we are not just talking about a minimum price: we are going to put into place a mandatory code of conduct to govern behaviour in the industry; we are going to drive energy prices down with some energy policy that returns investment certainty to the energy sector; and we are going to introduce a farm productivity and sustainability plan which helps again make a contribution towards getting the latest innovation out onto the farm to help farmers lift their productivity.

“They say they will refer milk pricing to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. They say they will support a mandatory code of conduct. This has all been done and the ACCC’s key recommendation was a mandatory code of conduct, which farmers have asked for and we are delivering on,” he said in a statement.

“As the member for Lyne, I have continued to advocate directly with the ACCC and ministers about market failure not just in the dairy industry, but also other industries my constituents operate in, who have also suffered under competition law.

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