The Stromer ST3 pedal electric cycle is a phenomenal ride – between screaming exhilaration and abject terror

Stromer ST3 electric bike
Price £6,690,
Top speed 45kmh
Weight 29kg
Range up to 100 miles
Battery 983Wh
Recharge 6 hours

If you are a cyclist, look away now. This review is not for you. If, however, you are a motorist who is open to the idea of spending less time in your car (for the health of yourself and the planet, but probably not your wallet – this is a very expensive bike), then you might be interested to meet the Stromer. It’s a phenomenally fast, dizzyingly innovative and dangerously addictive ride that’s part bicycle and part rocket booster. At the end of my week testing it I couldn’t decide whether I was relieved to hand it back or if I’d ever want to ride my normal bike again.

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