Comments come as David Lidington and Emily Thornberry deputise for party leaders at PMQs

Here is the Conservative MP Anna Soubry on the Tusk outburst.

Stand by for @eucopresident to be wildly misquoted. He was speculating about the people who led #Leave not the millions of good people they conned with fake promises they cannot deliver on.


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Here is some comment from journalist on Donald Tusk’s outburst.

From the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg

Tusk’s message astonishingly strong – not exactly evoking spirit of compromise which is what he called for moments before while talking about protecting peace – not anything to do with actually getting a deal done either but will get massive reactions

Lastly though while it might get lost in rhetoric, Tusk was also clearly opened door to May coming with a new idea tmrw and the EU would move if it’s ‘workable guarantee’

Question is if it’s smart diplomacy at a time when PM needs to try to keep temperature down with Brexiteers – including those in Cabinet who were part of Leave campaign

To paraphrase Tusk: Won’t renegotiate cos can’t at the moment, but I would like to hear your proposals. Meanwhile I am going to set off this smoke bomb over here while we chat.

There was already a bit of a suspicion that this whole row, started entirely unprompted by Tusk, smacked of smokescreen tactics to divert the conversation away from the real issues. This clip rather lends itself to that theory.

That was classic, classic Tusk. Downbeat, straight-talking with a sting in the tail like a genetically-modified megascorpion.

Great displacement activity from the business in hand

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