SEO is always evolving, and Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms.

WordPress helps a lot, but there are several things you need to know to optimize your blog.

Here are some tips to consider when you want to rank better on search engines.


1. Create Unique Content

Sometimes this counts more than page optimization. Your content must have absolutely no parts copied from other texts on the network. You can use tools like the Plagiarism Checker or Copiscape to make sure that your articles (even unintentionally) do not carry too similar phrases other posts outside your website.


2. Don’t Be Obsessed With Ranking

Getting a higher ranking is a process that can last weeks, or months (or even years).

So, don’t waste time looking for a small change and focus on the global and organic growth of your site.


3. Increase Your Social Media Activity

Search engines are very attentive to your activity on social networks and will reward your shares. Pay attention to the social pages of your competition, and try to entice your users to comment and share your posts on their pages.

The resulting visibility will be really useful for scaling search engines.


4. Build Quality Backlinks

Better a few links, but good! This is the basic rule for getting backlinks that can get you on search engines.

We recommend that you build a connection network only with targeted backlinks, which refer to content well indexed on Google.


5. Surround The Link With A Descriptive Text

In addition to putting a keyword in the anchor text, it is important to surround the link with a descriptive text.

In other words, you must insert the link containing the keyword in a meaningful speech that refers to that topic.


6. Make Sure You Don’t Have Broken Links

Use Broken Link Checker plugin and find out how to fix broken links on WordPress.

The links that do not lead anywhere, causing a 404 error, certainly determine an important penalty for SEO.


7. Optimize Each Page For A Single Keyword

Don’t try to do it for multiple keywords at the same time. Otherwise you risk to create artificial contents, inconsistent with the objective of the post, boring in reading.

If anything, try to insert logical and effective sentences around the keyword and underline the importance of the same.

For example, if you are looking to rank for herbs and spices for sale words, try to write informative and in-depth content about this topic, something that will offer value to the readers.


8. Network With Other Bloggers

Connecting with other bloggers in your niche can help you build quality backlinks. Attend forums that share your same interests and the same market share.

Identify possible collaborations and synergies that can be a determining factor for your success on the web.


9. Make Your Site User-friendly

A well optimized site for SEO is well structured and user-friendly. Don’t burden the site with dispersive and uncomfortable graphic effects, make sure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for, with a few simple steps.

Of all the SEO tips for WordPress, this is certainly the most theoretical. But with a little common sense, it will not be difficult to put it into practice.


10. Meta Descriptions Are Important

Although it does not have an actual value from the point of view of the SEO, a well made meta description is able to attract more visitors.

Pay attention when entering the most important part of the topic you are dealing with, so as to immediately give an excellent preview of your article.


11. Create a Descriptive URL, Separating the Words

This will facilitate the optimization of the page or article.

Make sure that the post title is present in the URL, or in any case words that are strictly related to your brand. Absolutely avoid references to numbers or ids that are difficult to understand.

Seniors for Seniors is the perfect example of this strategy.


12. Use Google Trends

Use it to learn about the topics and trends that generate the most traffic.

You can directly compare the trend of your site with the general one of the network and find topics of great interest to be treated.


Final Words

Now, you have read some tips to consider to improve the SEO of your site. If you follow these suggestions for WordPress, integrating them with all the tools and plugins you have available, you will be able to optimize your blog and index it better on search engines.

In any case, you must constantly keep an eye on all aspects of your site, both graphic and textual, as presented in the list of this article.

Do you have other SEO tips for WordPress that you want to suggest?

Please share them in the comments below, thanks!

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