The UK is in a Brexit dead end and May’s deal satisfies no one. I don’t see any way out other than allowing voters the final say

The Brexit debate is coming to a head at a moment when Britain’s political parties seem to be coming apart. Maybe that is not surprising. The 2016 referendum usurped the role of parliament and MPs. And both Labour and Conservative parties are being pulled by the far right and far left. The mess of Brexit is the result. Millions of voters are left feeling not only frustrated but homeless, with unprecedented strain on the stability and legitimacy of the two-party system.

The defections from the main parties last month were not just about Brexit. Labour’s antisemitism crisis also reflects dangerous wider trends. It is horrifying to see the Jewish roots of MPs turned into a weapon against their political views; to see sectarianism so deep that reason is lost; to see the anonymity of social media toxify political debate.

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