Some very motivated lawyers are working hard to put Syrian war criminals in the dock, and we can all play a part

The hope must be that criminal justice will one day close in on Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad, his henchmen and his enablers. And on that front, there’s been some good news recently: the arrests in Germany and France of three Syrian intelligence officials suspected of torture were groundbreaking. This came on top of the issuance of warrants and the filing of dozens of criminal complaints in a number of European countries, including Sweden and Austria.

It may take time, and the odds may currently look slim, but criminal investigators will eventually work their way up the chain of responsibility to incriminate Syria’s tyrant for the slaughter of his own people for almost eight straight years. Some very motivated lawyers and activists are preparing for the day when those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity in Syria will be held accountable. And it’s in Europe that those efforts are starting to yield the most notable results.

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