After triumphantly turning everyone against her with a televised speech, the PM comes back to Earth in Brussels

For any other person, the EU council meeting would have been shit or bust. But given that Theresa May has long since treated the last-chance saloon as a drop-in centre for the soon-to-be homeless, we are now well beyond that. The Leader in Name Only has taken herself to the realms of shit and bust. A space-time continuum where she has failed upwards and upwards to the point where there are no good solutions on offer in any imagined universe. She is the kamikaze pilot doomed to crash her plane into the sea over and over again for all eternity.

Lino had started the day in reasonably good spirits. For once she had managed to unite the whole country. The TUC and the CBI had released a joint statement saying she was useless. Both Labour and Tory MPs had been so thoroughly pissed off by her Bob Geldof “Give me your fucking votes” telethon appeal that they were even more likely to reject her deal than they had been before she had opened her mouth. Every one of her cabinet ministers was plotting to get rid of her. No one anywhere had a good word to say about her. In an act of misplaced martyrdom, Lino had brought a nation together. If this was her being on their side, they’d hate to see what she could do when she was against them.

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