‘Light pollution is making it increasingly hard to find a really dark night sky that lets you see the stars. It’s a shame for humanity’

I took this shot in a big open field near my home in Boston, Massachusetts. It was Midsummer and the sky was perfectly clear – or as clear as it gets near cities these days. Light pollution is changing how we see the stars and not for the better.

I work on a large-format, 8×10 camera. It isn’t electronic, just a big black box with film in it. It’s a slow process so I can be out until three or four in the morning. It takes time to set up all of my gear and some images can take an hour to fully expose. It’s time-consuming, but that’s part of the joy: standing alone in nature staring at the sky is what I’d spend my time doing anyway, so why not make a photo of it?

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