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Tom Watson, the Labour deputy leader, has said that, regardless of what his shadow cabinet colleague Barry Gardiner said on the Today programme about the confirmatory public vote amendment (see 9.33am), he will be backing the amendment.

I’ve had many calls about Barry Gardiner’s interview on @BBCr4today, which I missed. Whipping arrangement have not yet been agreed. I support the Kyle/Wilson amendment.

All three are possibilities. One thing’s for sure: I will be resuming my role as a membership retention hotline in the coming days to ask passionately pro-European Labour members not to leave. Again.

Triangulation will not work. We cannot be all things to all people and they know that, they are ok with that. I find people don’t mind if they don’t agree with you, if you are clear, principled and honest. Fudge it and they smell you out a mile off.


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Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s lead Brexit spokesman, has been tweeting ahead of this afternoon’s Commons vote.

After the negative votes of the last weeks, on Monday the House of Commons finally voted in favour of something: Mr Letwin’s amendment. My hope? After more than two years, this is the start of a cross-party cooperation to break the deadlock. #Brexit #EPlenary

A majority to break the #Brexit deadlock will never have the support of the so-called hard brexiters. The only thing that counts for them is to seize power inside the Tory party. This is not in the national interest of the country.

We are open to change the Political Declaration. First of all, by turning it into a more binding agreement between the EU and the UK. Secondly, by creating a deeper and broader relationship in the interest of both Britain and the European Union. #Brexit #EPlenary

The seed for Britain’s return to the European Union was planted last weekend by marching in London & nearly six million signing the article 50 petition.We need a deep EU-UK relationship that one day, I’m pretty sure, will lead Britain back into the family of European nations.

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