Parliament will debate and vote on yet another government motion today, this time to seek an extension to article 50

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For the third day in a row, we have a big Brexit vote. Tuesday’s was the “meaningful vote” (yes/no on the deal), yesterday’s was on ruling out no deal, and today’s is on extending article 50.


There will be a FREE VOTE on the government’s motion this afternoon to delay Brexit for an indeterminate period

Decisions on amendments will happen later when they’re selected


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Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom says a no-deal Brexit has not been taken off the table despite the votes last night.

Speaking to reporters she warned that European members states could refuse an extension or insist on a long extension. She said:

What we are seeking to do today is to get the will of parliament on what it does want. If does want to extend article 50. And if that what parliament decides then the prime minister will go to the EU and seek an extension.

But the really important point here is that she can’t insist on it, and the EU may well have ideas of their own either to refuse or indeed to put conditions on it. So by no means is any option off the table at present.

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