Do you remember Lewis Carroll story about Alice in Wonderland? Such a little girl was extremely prominent in her idea of running as fast as you can just to stay at the place where you are, and you need to run ten times faster to go ahead.

All this is true for nowadays digital marketing: application of old traditions is a good idea, but new ones are so different and so far from common ideas. Old-time fans may advise not break what is working, but we don’t ride horses to get to work, we use cars instead. 


Which Approaches Cannot Be Neglected In 2019?


Artificial Intelligence 

High technologies have come to our world and replaced many routine and simple jobs. Marketing is not an exception, scripts can analyze customers’ behaviour and how they feel about new product or service.

Facebook is now actively using bot that can start conversation and during the talk offer some tips or special offers. But more details in next approach. All this tools help us better understand our audience and make our online advertising campaign more effective.   



The technology is highly appreciated even by the users as such assistants in online banks are quick, never absent-minded and remember all your choices.

All repeated tasks can be easily performed by bots, so bank clerks can focus on more important things. 


Video Marketing 

It is not only about making a good quality video. Well-polished roll is like an artificial strawberry: it’s beautiful, but it resonates no emotions. Live, streams, backstage insertions – everything that shows your company is a live thing with all its processes, tuning and so on.  

Good news here is that smartphones cost less, but the quality of the video they can make is sometimes better than of professional equipment. Personalized video messages can now be made quicker and be more demonstrative and convincing. Smartphones also offer opportunity of 360 filming – just one click on the phone, but the whole picture is different. 


Social Media Messengers 

People are always in hurry and may not use the whole app of Facebook, but only a messenger from it. It is logical to be there where you audience mingles.

It is one more way to reach each client directly. 


Content Is Always The King

Quality fill in started being of a great important long ago.

The tendency is still actual, but there is slight difference in focus: now marketers try to understand in details who their audience are, deeper understanding of target people particularities may open new opportunities for business. 


Voice Interaction Optimization 

People need Alexa, Siri or anyone of the kind more than ever before. It is really good that machines can now understand what users want.

The only problem for solving is results display: while texting we may see the whole page at once, but voice search offer just several variants, that may be not always relevant.

The niche is not perfect yet, but the beginning of cooperation between machines and people is quite good. 


Bottom Line 

We hope that you will find these trends exciting and worth implementation.

The technologies change all the world so rapidly and we may suppose that next year we’ll have something fundamentally different. 

But for now we should enjoy of current results and implement them into business to be on top.

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