Today, Digital Marketing forms an integral part of one’s business. If you have not joined the digital marketing bandwagon to promote your business, you are depriving yourself of the prospect of being able to reach out to a broader audience; these are the leads that you can convert into customers. While social media is immensely beneficial to you and your business, owning a website that is search engine optimized, readable and up to date can do wonders for your service. 

In the digital age, having a company website is considered to be an asset; even consumers consider companies with an online presence to be professional, consumers prefer sites over social media. Having a site means that you have created a storefront and placed your business where your customers are. Now, the next step is to invest in SEO, so when your potential customer searches for a service or product on a search engine your storefront, i.e. your website appears at the front of the market or in other words on the first page of the search engine. 

According to a survey obtained from the Consumer Study, it has been found that 63% of online buyers prefer engaging with companies that have a website, this is why it is essential to have a site that is updated and optimized. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical process that ensures that your website appears on top of search engine results. SEO is the process of playing around with algorithms to improve the visibility of your website on search engines, and in turn increase traffic to your site, this traffic is the leads that you can convert into sales if you use the right web copy. 

In 2019 SEO has become harder than ever, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and give up on SEO because at the end of the day 40% of revenue can be captured by the organic traffic of a website. 

According to Healthy Links, here are Five SEO techniques you can employ in 2019 to ensure your website remains on top of search engine results: 


1. Survey What Your User Loves And What They Don’t 

Google will enlist what the user wants in order of user preference. So if you want to know what the user is looking for, ask!

One of the best ways to enhance the understanding of your customer is to conduct surveys. Use SurveyMonkeyHotjar and other similar surveying tools and develop a deep understanding of your customer and know your base. This data can be in turn used to optimise your marketing efforts by providing them with a user experience that is relevant to them in terms of content and service.

Find out why your bounce rate is high, why traffic is not becoming a conversion and use this information to improve the user experience. 


2. Expand Your Most Popular Pages

So, you are uploading the same content on all your pages, but some are getting more traffic than others? For example, you have a particular blog that tends to do well and is getting high traffic.

Use the keywords of that blog, enter them into a tool called Ubersuggest, a free keyword generator tool and create blogs using these keywords. Add more content to that page, make new blogs. Not only are you adding extensive keywords you are also expanding your content which is beneficial for the ranking of a website, but Google also loves a content-rich site. Add new trail phrases and extend your traffic. 


3. Send Juice To Low Ranking Pages

As we mentioned before that you might have some pages that perform better than others, use your best-performing pages and interlink your lower ranking pages.

Over time, your lower ranking pages will begin making their way to the top of the search ranks. The process may be slow, but over time it will boost them up. 


4. Leverage Animated Infographics 

There is so much data being generated on websites today; businesses are seeking new and innovative ways to synthesize and utilize all the information that they wish to provide their users.

Using infographics is a smart way to process data as you are taking advantage of both the use of texts and the use of images and if you are using animated images, then you are likely to be on the top of the innovative chart. Users prefer information that is easy to absorb and animated infographics can be consumed with ease, making your data productive and engaging.  

There has already been a rise in infographics and in order to stand out from what everyone else is using is to use animation, animation can make the plethora of data more absorbable and digestible, as usual, infographics are becoming ordinary due to their extensive use, if we harness the tool effectively you can retain traffic and keep them engaged for longer as compared to using plain and ordinary infographics. 


5. Optimize for Voice Search 

If you want to stand out in 2019, voice optimizes your website. In 2019 it is likely that 50% of all searches will be voice conducted. That means if you want your website to appear top in search results your website must respond to Google voice, Alexa or Siri. More and more people are using voice search to do their searches as they are quicker and more convenient.  

Factor this into your SEO strategy, voice searches and word search optimizations are different, and you will need to make sure that this is something that is included in your marketing strategy to appear in both voice searches and text searches.

As more and more people are converting to voice search but not enough websites have optimized their sites to voice search you have less competition and more chances of taking advantage of the relatively new tool. If your product is health supplements for hair, you need to target the right keyword because the keyword search is likely to be longer through voice.  



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