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andyeverywhere says:

If you want to save the world, you have to change the Western model of society fundamentally before we allow the developing world the comforts of modern life. If we don’t, and we can agree the developing world must not adopt the present Western style of living, where educated, modern countries with low birth rates still manage to use up the bulk of resources, why isn’t multiple cohabitation the most important tool to fix this planet?

why isn’t multiple cohabitation the most important tool to fix this planet?

I’m glad you raised this: not many people dare to. While I don’t believe it’s the most important tool, I do believe it’s an important one.


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EnricUitHilversum asks:

Children and youth are striking to demand action. But many are themselves involved in one of the most damaging practices towards earth’s climate, I mean consuming massive amounts of meat and diary in their diets. What is their thought on this regard?

I think that there’s a common and developing understanding among the younger generation that we all need to reduce our consumption of animal-based food products. Creating the world we need to see requires action from all of us, but ultimately the system we live in is at fault. Personal lifestyle choices are good and encouraged, but to avert catastrophic climate breakdown it alone won’t be enough.

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