Here’s our man! Trump offers a stout defense of his repeated payments to Michael Cohen, made after the latter paid two women “hush” money to not talk about alleged affairs with Trump.

Cohen has already been convicted of violating campaign finance laws by paying off actor Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

It was not a campaign contribution, and there were no violations of the campaign finance laws by me. Fake News!


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So Michael Cohen could have talked himself into trouble with that very definite “no pardon” statement to the House oversight committee last week.

During the hearing Cohen was asked if he had requested a pardon from Donald Trump.

I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from Mr Trump.

During that time period, he directed his attorney to explore possibilities of a pardon at one point with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well as other lawyers advising President Trump.

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