In Grand Rapids, Michigan, last night, Trump continued his assault on the media and Democrats on Thursday night, wrongly claiming “total exoneration, complete vindication” at his first rally since Robert Mueller submitted his report, Tom Perkins writes in the Guardian.

Trump dedicated about half of his approximately 90-minute speech in front of a raucous audience at to the topic, labeling the accusations and investigation “ridiculous bullshit”. The president bounced between theories about why the special counsel’s investigation happened and attacks on his opponents.


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Donald Trump is traveling to Florida today and, surprisingly, isn’t landing as a hole-in-one directly at his Palm Beach private club and hob-nobbing nest, Mar-a-Lago.

He’ll reach his weekend White House later for, perhaps, a tender chicken breast and grilled watermelon with balsamic glaze and a side of fries in the elegant oceanfront bistro with its breezy al fresco tables in the sun, followed by some vigorous laps in the outdoor pool (okay, that’s a more typical afternoon itinerary for Mar-a-Lago’s paying members than Potus, but the place is, surprisingly, not without style).

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