A campaign of fake news about the EU has gone viral. We’re only vulnerable to this because of 40 years of weak leadership

“Just got through reading the Lisbon treaty! OMG!!!” and “Why is no one talking about the Lisbon treaty that comes into force in 2020???” Suddenly it’s viral. If you see this everywhere online you may puzzle how the treaty’s 3,000 dense pages have become such hot reading across Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Look, for example, at what one (now deleted) tweet claims of what staying in the EU means: “Just been reading some of the Lisbon treaty, very worrying. By 2020 we lose our veto, control over fishing, agriculture and more. Also by 2022 all countries must adopt the euro. How can Theresa May and our MPs want to keep us in such an appalling club?”

This new wave of fakery about the Lisbon treaty is a useful warning about what the remain cause faces

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