Michael Seed, the electronics expert and Hatton Garden raid mastermind, was jailed for 10 years last week. But this was no ordinary life of crime

He was “the ghost”, “the one that got away” and the “mastermind” – but most of all he was “Basil”, the mysterious figure at the heart of the £14m Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary in 2015. While five of the team had been swiftly arrested and jailed, the sixth, “Basil”, as he was known to his associates, was nowhere to be found, until last year. On Friday, after more than a week of jury deliberations, he was convicted of his role as the electronics expert in the burglary and jailed for 10 years at Woolwich crown court.

Michael Seed, aka “Basil”, is believed to have let himself into the safe deposit facility in London using a set of keys before disabling the security system. He and another man climbed into the vault through a hole in a thick concrete wall drilled by a gang of criminals and looted 73 safe deposit boxes over the Easter weekend in 2015.

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