Vulnerable people are being wrongly detained and without adequate safeguards, says Sonya Sceats, chief executive of Freedom from Torture. Judith Daniels argues that the Home Office needs an urgent overhaul

The significance of the home affairs committee report on immigration detention should not be underestimated (MPs scathing over ‘cavalier’ treatment of migrant detainees, 21 March). For years, Freedom from Torture has been highlighting how vulnerable people are being wrongly detained, for no good reason, and without adequate safeguards. In addition, our research shows that even where detainees are identified as being “vulnerable and at risk”, only 6% are released.

We see the devastating impact of detention on torture survivors – how it compounds trauma and can severely hamper recovery. The report highlights that inhumane treatment and poor decision-making – a hallmark of the hostile environment – continues to operate at all levels of the asylum system.

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