When Yuri Kozyrev travelled east and Kadir van Lohuizen headed west across the Arctic Circle to meet in the Bering Strait, their aim was to explore what could happen to the planet as sea ice melts and eventually disappears altogether. They were awarded the Carmignac Photojournalism Award for their work

From Russia to Norway, Greenland, Canada and Alaska, Yuri Kozyrev and Kadir van Lohuizen have explored many of the key issues affecting the Arctic – from the opening of new trade routes to the militarisation of borders, the search for mineral resources and polar tourism – and their impact on local communities. Underpinning it all is the slow but constant melting of the polar sea ice.

Yuri Kozyrev travelled the route of the Arctic’s Russian maritime ports. He accompanied the last remaining nomadic people of the region, the Nenets, during their seasonal reindeer migration. Yuri followed the coast of the Barents Sea, and travelled aboard the Monchegorsk container ship. He encountered people who had been made ill by nickel mining in Norilsk, and travelled to Murmansk, where the first floating nuclear power plant is under construction.

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