Lawmakers are expected to ask the attorney general about Mueller’s Trump-Russia inquiry at hearing on justice department’s budget

Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont will unveil a new version of his “Medicare for All” plan on Wednesday. AP reports:

Four of Sanders’ fellow senators and rivals for the Democratic nomination are set to sign onto the updated single-payer health care proposal. The bill’s reintroduction promises to shine a bright light on Democratic presidential candidates’ disparate visions for the long-term future of American health care.

Under fire from President Donald Trump and Republicans for the astronomical price tag of Medicare for All, some candidates who support the plan tout it as one of several ways to achieve more affordable coverage and lower the number of uninsured. And others who don’t back it are instead focusing on safeguarding popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act, such as the one that protects coverage of pre-existing conditions.


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Attorney General William Barr will return to Capitol Hill today, testifying before a Senate appropriations subcommittee.

On Tuesday, testifying before the House, Barr said he would be ready to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report within a week.

Justice department officials are scouring the report to remove grand jury information and details relating to pending investigations, among other materials. Democrats have escalated criticism over Barr’s handling of the document and say they will not accept any redactions. The House judiciary committee has approved, but not sent, subpoenas for the report , and top Democrats have said they are willing to take the battle to court.

At the House hearing, Barr bluntly defended himself, arguing that portions of the document need to be redacted to comply with the law. He said he’s open to eventually releasing some of the redacted material after consulting with congressional leaders, but he drew a line at releasing grand jury material, which would require court approval. He said Democrats are “free to go to court” themselves and ask for the grand jury information.

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