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You can read all the Guardian’s Brexit coverage here. And here are two Brexit articles around elsewhere this morning that are worth reading.

The Conservative party, I sense, is in danger of losing the support of hopeful young people with ambitions, and it cannot win elections without such people. Moreover, the Conservatives are inevitably identified with the Brexit project, for good or ill, and slowly, steadily, the case for Brexit is being lost.

I say that with regret, because by far the best course after the 2016 referendum has been to deliver Brexit and make a go of it. Now, however, a slow movement is taking place out there that makes it rather doubtful that people would vote for it again. Perhaps for the first time, everyone is talking about it, and they are beginning to notice that the trade deals are not so easy, the process of leaving extremely complicated and the keenest Brexiteers deeply divided among themselves. Most people haven’t changed their minds, but I meet some who have, as shown in polls as well.

The Brexit side must be obliged to submit a plan that is clear, credible, deliverable, negotiable in Europe, rooted in the real world. And those who argue for staying in must also address the concerns people have that led so many to want to leave the EU. I shall be, now and in any referendum which follows, neutral as this straight choice is developed. Real plans have to be brought forward and agreed by both sides as the choice we put to the country.

This process needs time. The worst thing we could do is snatch at a solution based on the indicative votes process, which has failed to deliver the clarity many hoped it would.

This is from the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.


p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Whispers this morning that clerks in Commons have made it clear to govt that Bercow would not allow them to bring back the deal for another vote – one source says this is a ‘BIG PROBLEM’ – with capital letters – BUT Speaker’s office says not decided yet – let’s see

[Drax] is a person of integrity and a man of principle. I respect what he said, and I think it stands for others to judge, but I appreciate his saying so candidly what he wanted to say.

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