All the latest from Downing Street lobby briefing as Labour’s NEC meets to decide party’s manifesto pledge on second referendum for the European elections

These are from ITV’s Robert Peston.

As I understand it, the words being argued over at Labour’s ruling NEC are “the option of”. What do I mean by that? Well the recommendation from @FisherAndrew79 and the leader’s office – ie @jeremycorbyn – is that its manifesto for the EU elections should say that..

in the event the party cannot reach an acceptable Brexit deal with the government (which no one believes it will be able to do) or if a no-deal Brexit appeared to become a serious option, then Labour “would support the option of” a confirmatory Brexit referendum. Now the…

problem with that wording for the likes of @tom_watson, the GMB, the TSA, Margaret Beckett and George Howard – among others – is that it appears to leave some wriggle room for Labour not to support a referendum (which is exactly what @jeremycorbyn is said to want). So NEC…

members are talking and talking about whether those words should be retained or dumped. And I am told we are still some hours away from @jeremycorbyn summing up. Those close to Labour’s leaders think he will win and those words so precious to him – “the option of” – will…

feature in the EU elections manifesto. But it’s not over till it’s over, as one source said to me.


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This is from HuffPost’s Paul Waugh.

NEC broke up at 3pm for a lunch/tea break. Due back in 3.30pm Lots of NEC members having a fag right now. Ah, #smokefilledrooms, a reminder of politics of old..

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