Day two of the 2019 Australian election campaign is under way, with an opening salvo from the government. All the day’s events, live

Looks like someone in the Coalition has been studying the Art of War.

This is a well known union campaign method – a billboard truck which follows opposition candidates around, doing laps at their press conferences.

When Labor runs out of money, they come after yours. The Bill Truck is hitting the road today #BillBus.


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The Coalition have the western Sydney seat of Lindsay on its target list – Labor’s Emma Husar felt pressured into resigning from the seat at the election in the midst of bullying allegations, and has since indicated she would not be challenging as an independent.

The Liberals have preselected Melissa Grah-McIntosh, who, a quick google search reveals, is very progressive on women’s issues, including paid parental leave.

Although starting from behind, the United States has a great opportunity to embrace innovative work practices that allow both women and men to get the most out of their careers. Its private companies are already doing this at a fast pace. Australia, too, is on the cusp of a change that, if the right partnerships are formed and choices made, could really make a difference. Both nations should pursue a 21st-century society and workforce in which the full and equal participation of women is not negotiable.”

The next day, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison told Sky News that being able to benefit from both schemes was a “rort”.

It was in response to a question about whether he considered an employer paying a lawyer six weeks maternity leave was generous.

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