The campaign has entered the halfway mark with the leaders preparing for their first head-to-head debate. All the day’s events, live

Long live section 44.

From Paul Karp:

At least 19 United Australia party candidates have submitted incomplete or inconsistent information to the Australian Electoral Commission, failing to provide evidence they are eligible to run for parliament.

The candidates for Clive Palmer’s party have asserted they are not dual citizens disqualified by section 44 of the constitution, but have mostly failed to provide birth details of their parents or grandparents, even in cases where candidates admit parents or grandparents were born overseas.

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This seems a very WA announcement. From AAP:

Labor leader Bill Shorten has promised to invest $75m to discovering mining resources if he wins the election.

Mr Shorten says the money will reverse the Liberals’ decision to stop the Exploring for the Future program, which uses technology to find future deposits by developing underground maps to show where minerals are.

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