Josh Frydenberg will hand down his first budget, before the government calls the federal election. All the day’s events, live

Doesn’t this just sound like an absolute par-tay!

Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals’ Leader Michael McCormack and Minister for Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge will discuss the Liberal and Nationals’ Government’s investment in infrastructure.


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We also have Mathias Cormann once again uttering the words “carbon tax”, this time to ABC radio:

“Labor talks a lot, but what they have put out, would harm the economy, would harm families, would cost jobs, would drive up unemployment, and indeed, Labor would bring back a carbon tax, they would force people across Australia, to pay tens of billions of dollars in higher taxes, only for them to send that money overseas to pay for international carbon credits.

Along comes a carbon tax. It wasn’t a carbon tax, as you know. It was many other things in nomenclature terms but we made it a carbon tax. We made it a fight about the hip pocket and not about the environment. That was brutal retail politics and it took Abbott about six months to cut through and when he cut through, Gillard was gone.”

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