Chris Bowen to announce $63m package to fight lung cancer. All the day’s events, live

But Chris Bowen will also be asked to explain a Grattan Institute analysis of Labor’s negative gearing policy, which found a gap of somewhere between $2.5bn and $7.6bn of overstated savings.

The Australian Financial Review reports the Grattan Institute’s Danielle Wood looked at Labor’s numbers, and found the level of investors in new housing stock would be about 14%, not 4% as Chris Bowen has said.


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Part of Chris Bowen’s budget reply address will include this, as reported by Paul Karp:

With the election expected to be called by the weekend, Labor launched its first ad on Tuesday evening before releasing another plank in its anti-cancer push – a $63m package to fight lung cancer – on Wednesday.

The centrepiece is $40m over four years to reboot the national tobacco campaign, anti-smoking ads that will aim to push the smoking rate to below 10%. A further $15m will be spent on lung cancer nurses, $6m to support investment portfolios go tobacco-free and $2.4m to the Lung Foundation Australia to raise awareness.

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