The project director of the Bafta-winning game on his mission to bring innovative technology into family living rooms

Tsubasa Sakaguchi is beaming at two Bafta awards arranged neatly on a table in front of him. As the project director of Nintendo’s Labo series, he’s rightly delighted. The ingenious mashup of video game and cardboard scooped the family and game innovation categories at last week’s Bafta games awards.

“It was a very great honour to receive two awards,” he says. “And especially to receive awards in completely different categories. That made me very happy … We always wanted to make a widely accepted game, but at the same time something new, something which has never been seen. It’s a symbolic achievement for Labo.”

Innovative games often exist on the fringes of popular culture, exploring challenging themes, testing game design convention, or prodding mischievously at the definition of what a video game is. But for Sakaguchi, Labo’s ambition is to deliver this kind of innovation to the living rooms of young families.

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