David JK Evans says recent scientific discoveries should prompt people to focus their creative genius and protect our planet, not destroy itI applaud your editorial celebrating the importance in our human history of the discovery of Powehi and the evidence it demonstrates of our species’ creative genius (The first picture of a black hole is inspiring. So are the scientists who took it, 13 April). It is perfectly possible, if not highly likely, that we are the only entity between Earth and the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, now known as Powehi, 55m light years away, to have the consciousness to know it for what it is. We are as good as alone with this discovery.

This thought is breathtaking. The achievement is both inspiring and lonely. Can’t we focus our creative genius on arranging things here on our planet to ensure that we have a future of being able to appreciate our species’ greatest achievements in science, technology and the arts, and so to continue our creative intellectual journey, without destroying our only home?
David JK Evans

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