Donald Trump considered naming his daughter Ivanka Trump to head the World Bank, and also thinks she would have been a great United Nations ambassador, he told the Atlantic in an interview released Friday.

Trump was apparently quite eager to sing his daughter’s praises: the author writes that she requested an interview with Ivanka herself and was turned down, but instead got a call that the president wanted to talk to her.


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Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has gone after Vice President Mike Pence on the campaign trail, but the Associated Press reports that things have been much more cordial in their mutual home state of Indiana.

Buttigieg as mayor of South Bend and Pence as governor of Indiana collaborated on economic development projects and the mayor gave Pence a South Bend promotional T-shirt that said “I (heart) SB.”. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for a local executive looking to help his city, but as AP notes, some Indiana Democrats have been frustrated with Buttigieg’s reluctance to take on Pence directly.

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